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Meet Our New Leading-Edge Hot and Cold Packs

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Whether you just hurt yourself or you’ve been dealing with chronic pain for a while, you’ve probably wished you could access the best physical therapists out there. We’ve got news for you. In a way, you can. 

We teamed up with Bob and Brad, physical therapists who are renowned the world over, to develop a game-changing line of medical and wellness products. These new products are hitting the market now and include hot and cold packs to transform your at-home pain treatment. 

Why Bob and Brad

We work with doctors, athletes, and health experts all over the world, so how come we chose these two? It’s pretty simple. Anyone else would be hard-pressed to top their expertise. 

Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck have been in the business of helping people help their bodies for decades. Between the two of them, they’ve spent more than 60 years building expertise in physical therapy and fitness. 

With 4.6 million subscribers on YouTube, it’s pretty clear to see that there’s a reason they’re the most famous physical therapists on the internet. In fact, if you have a specific issue plaguing you — like back or neck pain — we highly recommend perusing their videos. They can show you some at-home exercises to stretch and strengthen the area, helping to correct whatever’s causing your discomfort. 

That should be just one part of your at-home care, though. So you can have the tools you need to soothe discomfort, ease inflammation, and more, we worked with Bob and Brad to develop leading-edge hot and cold packs. 

Why our hot and cold packs are different

This isn’t your mother’s bag of ice wrapped in a towel. We’ve combined a lot of the advances in at-home therapy into these hot and cold packs to bring you optimal relief. 

There are a few specific features you should know about. Our hot and cold packs are:


  • Flexible: We fill our packs with a specialized gel that stays flexible even when frozen. That means no waiting after you take it out of the freezer or trying to press something down onto a sensitive area to maximize contact. 
  • Microwavable: These packs safely and therapeutically release heat to soothe aches and pains and help tight muscles relax. 
  • Attachable: Dealing with something like a bum knee or tennis elbow? We’ve got you covered. We made our packs from material that can attach like velcro to straps we include with your shipment. This way, you can affix the pack right where you need it. There’s no need to stay precisely positioned so it can balance atop your injury. 
  • Comfortable: When you’re using hot and cold packs for pain relief, you want comfort. So why are most packs made of hard, plastic-y material? It beats us. We broke the mold and covered our packs in soft-touch vinyl. 


  • Cleanable: That soft-touch vinyl is wipe-clean, so you can reuse your pack hundreds of times — and even share it with family members worry-free. 

Combining our expertise with Bob and Brad’s, we arrived at what we think will be the best hot and cold packs you’ve ever used. And we’re offering them in small, medium, and large sizes so you can get just what you need right where you need it. Try them for yourself and experience the difference. 

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