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How to make tens unit pads sticky again2023-06-30T01:38:01-05:00
Wiping off skin image

Care for your skin.

Before each use, you should clean your skin with gentle soap and water. This helps remove any of the natural oils
that may take away some of the stickiness on the electrode pads. iReliev TENS Wipes can help clean and prepare your skin for TENS treatment and are also useful for post-use to remove any remnants of gel adhesive from your skin.

Clean your electrode pads.

After each use, care for your TENS electrode pads by cleaning them with a moist cloth. If your pads are less sticky than they used to be, it may be because of dirt or oil. Be sure you are using a towel or a wash cloth, and not something that can leave residue, like a paper towel. Sometimes, just a few droplets of water can help bring back some stickiness but be aware not to over saturate them.

Cleaning pads with wipe picture
Cleaning off debris picture(1)

Brush your electrode pads.

You may use a clean toothbrush and gently brush your electrode pads in one direction, as though you were brushing a pet. This may help to expose some of the electrode’s stickiness. To learn more about caring for your electrode pads so that they’ll last as long as possible, grab this in depth ebook on the topic of Electrode Pad Care and Placement Guide.

Use electrode gels & electrolyte sprays.

While there are ways to care for your electrode pads to make them last longer, eventually they will need to be replaced. However, use of iReliev conductive gel can help preserve your pads moisture and act as an extra conductor for the electrical impulses for increased comfort. The same is true for electrolyte sprays. These products can help you get a little more life out of older electrode pads. iReliev has an assortment of pad care products that you can check out at iReliev also offers electrode pad replacements. Even with the best care, eventually you will want to replace your electrode pads for the most effective and comfortable treatment.

Spraing pads image

You can’t make a set of electrode pads last forever, but you can certainly care for them in a way that makes them last for up to 20-30 uses. Proper care and placement can make all the difference in getting the most out of your TENS or EMS unit. Grab this in depth ebook on the topic of Electrode Pad Care and Placement Guide. And when it comes to getting your electrode pads replaced , there’s always the iReliev Dollar Electrode Pad Club to help you save money.

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