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Quiet & relaxing home therapy.

The perfect companion for home therapy. The iReliev Percussive Massager can help give you a relaxing and deep massage from the comforts on your own home. No massage therapist required. This super quiet lifesaver provides rapid 10mm strokes which can penetrate deep into tight muscle tissue which can increase blood flow helping to offer pain relief as well as increase range of motion and function.

Percussion Massage Therapy

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The iReliev percussion massager is designed to relax tense muscles, minimize recovery time, and increase range of motion so you can relax faster.

This precision engineered massage tool delivers the right combination of power, performance, and portability, yet offers a low noise solution for a relaxing massage.


The iReliev® Percussion Massage Gun offers deep percussive muscle therapy that uses rapid, repetitive strokes to stimulate blood flow & heat. Our 10 mm stroke delivers an effective muscle treatment that is perfect for muscle recovery and self warm-up.

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Massage Away Tension
& Relax Your Muscles

Percussive massage can help accelerate the growth and repair of soft tissue by providing localized, rapid, short-duration strokes deep into the tissues of the body. This can significantly increase capillary supply and blood flow to the area helping to offer pain relief as well as increase range of motion and function.

Maximize Your Percussive Therapy.

With four unique attachments, you can target your muscles and hard-to-reach areas with precision and effectiveness. Nothing can stop you from getting the special treatment that you deserve.

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High-torque Motor: 1800-3200 RPM

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Ergonomic Design at 1 LB

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Low Noise (45-58 DB)

What’s Included

  1. iReliev® Percussion Massage Gun
  2. Wall Charger
  3. Round head for large muscle groups
  4. Fork Head for neck and spine
  5. Flat Head for all parts of the body
  6. Bullet Head for joints, deep issue, and trigger points


The Percussion Massager is not intended for medical use. Consult your doctor prior to using this product if you are pregnant, have a pacemaker or if you have any concerns regarding your health. The Percussion Massager is NOT recommended for use by diabetics. Never leave the Percussion Massager unattended, especially if children are present. Never cover the massager when it is in operation. DO NOT use this product for more than 20 minutes at a time.

Attachment Uses


Percussive Stroke Length: 10 mm

Frequency: 150 Hz.

Weight: Less than 2 lbs

Low Noise: 45-60 dB

Rechargeable: 4 hours of run time

High Torque Brush-less Motor: 3 Levels: Level 1: 1800 RPM, Level 2: 2400 RPM, Level 3:  3200 RPM


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