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4 Benefits of Compression Therapy

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Gravity can be cruel. And it takes a particular toll on our legs and feet. 

As we stand and sit, gravity draws blood down into our legs. Our circulatory system has to work hard to pump it back up to our hearts. Sometimes, it can’t keep up. 

That can lead to everything from varicose veins to swelling, plus a wide range of health conditions. Fortunately, compression therapy can help. 

By applying acupressure to your feet and legs, a compression system encourages blood flow up and out of your legs, alleviating a variety of problems. Let’s look at four things compression therapy can do for you. 

#1: Get blood back into circulation

One of the biggest benefits of compression therapy comes from its ability to fight gravity. By compressing your feet and legs, this treatment supports your blood vessels. This encourages blood that has pooled in your legs to go back up to your heart, where it can get reoxygenated. This way, your body — including your legs and feet — continually gets resupplied with the oxygen and nutrients it needs via your blood flow. 

#2: Prevent and treat varicose veins

You can usually spot a varicose vein through your skin. It will look purple and bulging. That’s a sign the vein isn’t working the way it should.

Your blood vessels have valves that are supposed to control blood flow, only allowing it to flow in the right direction (in your legs, that’s back up to your heart). But, again, gravity can take its toll. If the valve fails, you get blood backflow in the vein, causing it to bulge. In some cases, the varicose vein can also become uncomfortable.

Fortunately, compression therapy can help. By encouraging blood flow in the proper direction, it can help to minimize existing varicose veins while preventing future ones. 

#3: Address specific health concerns

Because compression therapy helps to improve circulation in your legs, it can alleviate a wide variety of issues. Specifically, you can use it to reduce:

  • Leg pain
  • Orthostatic hypotension, or dizziness after sitting or lying for long periods
  • Your risk of blood clots
  • The healing time of foot and leg ulcers
  • Lymphedema (i.e., swelling) in your feet, legs, and ankles
  • Chronic venous insufficiency
  • Deep vein thrombosis (DVT)

Talk with your doctor. If they recommend compression stockings or another type of compression therapy, ask them if an inflatable compression system could be right for you. This can give you an easier way to get the improved circulation you need. 

#4: Help your sore feet

Do you stand all day at work? Or struggle with feet that generally feel achy? Compression therapy can be just what you need to bring your sore, tired feet some relief. 

If you’ve noticed that elevating your feet after a long day of work seems to help, a compression system can give you the same effects in a more notable way. When your dogs are barking, the acupressure from this type of massage can go a long way. 

Make life easy with a compression system

If you’ve written off compression therapy because squeezing your legs into compression stockings or wrapping them in elastic isn’t your idea of a good time, we get it. That’s specifically why we developed our Leg & Foot Air Compression System

This option doesn’t require any pulling or squeezing from you. Instead, you just comfortably wrap the sleeves of the compression system around your legs and feet, securing it with the included velcro. Then, when you activate the system, it fills the internal bolsters with air. This gives your feet and legs the compression massage you need with a whole lot less hassle. 

Try it for yourself and see how much easier compression therapy can be. 

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