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Whether your need is for pain relief, performance or recovery, our passion is to help you find the right iReliev TENS Unit or EMS system.


TENS is designed to interrupt the pain signal to your brain, also increasing the production of endorphin, the body’s “feel good chemical”. Various timed outputs and frequencies are available within P1-P8 TENS programs.


EMS helps you get a more complete muscle contraction. This is particularly important when targeting fast-twitch muscle fibers. Massage-like impulses create muscle contraction and relaxation to condition your muscles.


Active recovery practices that encourage circulatory mechanisms within the body can help facilitate a more complete and expedient recovery. Ideal for muscle recovery from fatigue to help decrease muscle stiffness. Great for recovery and relaxation following an intense workout.

At iReliev®, we have a passion for all natural pain relief and muscle conditioning that help people recover quicker and get back to doing what they love. This passion is exhibited in our line of FDA cleared TENS Units and TENS + EMS therapy products, that help give people a better alternative to life altering drugs. We hope you’ll join us in STANDING UP against drugs, sketchy chemicals, just all natural pain relief.

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