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Pain Relief2023-07-06T13:18:04-05:00
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Learn How TENS Works

Check out how people are getting all natural pain relief with TENS.


No Pills Involved
No Pills InvolvedAll natural and drug free pain relief.
No Prescriptions
No PrescriptionsNo trips to the pharmacy for a refill.
FDA Cleared
FDA ClearedTested to be a safe and effective pain relief solution.

Discover how TENS stops pain signals

Three theories on how TENS relieves pain:


Gateway Control Theory

The non-painful signals from TENS “close the gate” and prevent the pain signals from going to the brain. Imagine that these signals are two trains on separate tracks. Each of these two tracks converges into one single track that goes to the brain. The train on the right is the pain signal, and it’s headed for that single track to the brain. But, when the non-painful signal is stimulated-the train on the left-it heads for that same track to the brain, taking over the tracks and preventing the pain signal from getting through.


Endorphin Production Theory

The other explanation for the effectiveness of electrotherapy as a pain reliever was the observation that the TENS treatment released endorphins, the body’s natural opiate-like painkiller. Often endorphins is referred to as the bodies “feel good chemical”.


Central Inhibitory Effect Theory

This means that TENS changes the way our bodies transmit different signals, which could ultimately mean that TENS changes the way we feel pain.

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What does science say about TENS?

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This study shows people treated with TENS had fewer hospital & physical therapy visits and required less surgery Learn More>

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Cochrane study shows evidence that TENS reduces pain and improves range of motion in chronic back pain patients Learn More>

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