//Relaxable™ Eye Massager with Heat
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5 Modes for Eye Massage Relief

5 Therapy Modes

Automatic Mode: Air Compression + Vibration + Heat (Blue)

Eye Protection Mode: Air Compression + Heat + Heat (Pink)

Vitality Mode: Air Compression + Vibration (Green)

Comfort Mode: Heat (Red)

Sleep Mode: Air Compression (Light Blue)


Soothing Warm Compress

The Relaxable Eye Massager by iReliev features built in heating pads that act as a hot compress which can improve eye symptoms such as eye strain, puffiness, dry eyes and may help reduce dark circles. Provides treatment at a comfortable temperature, between 104 to 107 degrees, for a soothing and relaxing experience.

Feature Rich

The Relaxable™ Eye Massager by iReliev is loaded with premium features that combine compression, heat and vibration to make therapy comfortable and easy. 

Immersive music experience

Calm ambient tones are emitted through built-in speakers located behind the skin friendly faux leather and Bluetooth connectivity allowing you to listen to your favorite music, sounds of nature or guided meditation for an enhanced spa-like experience every time.

Bluetooth connectivity eye massager
Folding Eye Massager

Compact design for portability in mind

You can easily fold your Relaxable Eye Massager 180° to fit into your bag or purse. Perfect for use on the go or travel. Ideal for long plane flights or car rides, when you are not driving of course.

Smart Massage Airbags

6 integrated airbags mimic a gentle finger massage to increase blood flow and circulation to relieve ocular eye tension, fatigue and more.

One Button Control

Easy to use. Long press to power on and off. Short press to change modes. Double press to turn on or off the music.

What’s included?

  • Eye Massager
  • USB Plug
  • USB-C Charging Cord

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Operating Manual
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What's Included

Eye Massager

What’s included?

  • Eye Massager
  • USB-C Cable
  • USB dapter

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Relaxable™ Eye Massager with Heat

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