Five Surprising Benefits of Using a Hand Massager

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Your hands work hard. In fact, you probably didn’t think about just how much they did until you started to live with hand pain. Once the muscles and joints in your hands start to encounter problems, even seemingly simple tasks like opening a jar can feel impossible. 

Fortunately, you’re not stuck with a weak grip, hand pain, and muscle tension. With an at-home hand massager, you can give your hard-working hands the relief they need. Your hand massager can target swelling, improve blood flow, help to soothe tight hand muscles, and more. Plus, it can address the symptoms of hand conditions like carpal tunnel and arthritis. 

In short, if your hands could use a hand, it’s time to consider a hand massager. Here are five things it can do for you. 

#1: Move swelling away from your hand

The iReliev hand massager doesn’t use any kneading balls, which can worsen hand pain by pressing on irritated, already inflamed muscles. Instead, it provides compression massage. That means it was designed to draw swelling out of your hand and into circulation in your body where it can more easily get addressed. 

This can help to lessen the pressure that causes issues like carpal tunnel pain. You don’t have to have a hand condition to get benefits, though. By drawing out inflammation, the hand massager soothes tight and sore muscles for anyone with overworked hands. 

#2: Use acupressure to address hand pain

The right hand massager — including the iReliev option — will be specifically designed to target the acupressure points in your hand and wrist. This can help to not only alleviate hand pain, but also to support whole-body health by hitting the pressure points connected to the rest of your body. 

#3: Protect both hands

While you can absolutely self-massage your hands, that comes with one big drawback. Even as the hand getting massaged gets relief, the hand doing the massage has to work harder. This can cause strain on that hand. You then go to massage the strained hand and, in doing so, can strain your other hand. 

A hand massager removes that hurdle. It does the work for you, keeping both of your hands strain-free. 

#4: Treat hand pain conditions

Studies have shown that hand massage can help to lessen pain and other symptoms from:

It can also help to improve grip strength. And with an at-home hand massager, you don’t have to pay for care from a professional massage therapist to see these benefits. 

#5: Get relief while you relax

Because the iReliev hand massager is compact, cordless, and quiet, you can use it just about anywhere. Whether you’re kicking back to watch a game, show, or movie, it can be the perfect couchside companion. 

You could also bring it to the workplace to give your hands some care when they’re tired from the task in front of you. Either way, all you have to do is switch it on to get relief while you relax. 

If you live with hand pain or tension, it’s time to consider a hand massager. Let this sophisticated device give you the relief you need while you get the relaxation you deserve.

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