Welcome to Wireless TENS Unit Technology

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First there was the boombox. Then there was the walkman. Next came the discman. And after that, the iPod. And now, the newest wave of technology seems to be turning to wearables. People can now control their iTunes playlist on their iPhone through their Apple Watch. Bluetooth makes remote connectivity possible, while voice commands allow [...]

Can a TENS Unit Reduce America’s Addiction to Painkillers ?

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You’ve heard it on the news. You’ve read it in the papers. Maybe you’ve even seen it in your own life. America’s addiction to painkillers has become an epidemic. Doctors prescribe them left and right as the prescription drug industry continues to develop profitable pills. Acute pain in the back? Try this pill. Chronic [...]

Johnson and Johnson suppressed Electrotherapy Technology

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Norman Hagfors: Board of Regents - Augsburg College In 1970, two gentlemen who knew each other from work, Norman Hagfors and Stanley McDonald, began developing a device that ultimately changed pain management forever. Their background in medical equipment kept them aware of newer developments, like a small group of doctors who were surgically implanting electrodes in patients’ [...]

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