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Recovery Lifestyle

Use what the pros use to recover faster. 

100% Natural and drug-free therapy.

When athletes don’t have adequate time or energy to implement recovery time, EMS can be an extremely beneficial tool. Active recovery practices that encourage circulatory mechanisms within the body can help facilitate a more complete and expedient recovery.

PlayMakar P2 and P3 programs produce muscle twitches at a low frequency. Ideal for muscle recovery from fatigue to help decrease muscle stiffness, this makes for a great tool for recovery and relaxation following an intense workout.

Accelerate Recovery.

Naturally. Drug-Free.

In addition to relieving pain, the iReliev® device helps rehabilitation after surgery and other muscular injuries in a similar way that it helps athletes recover after an intense exercise.

By placing iReliev® electrode pads directly around the afflicted area, subtle, pleasant impulses are delivered through the body’s muscular tissues to the targeted area. This helps to increase capillary supply or blood flow and reduce inflammation, allowing vital nutrients to circulate the area. All of this optimizes the time it takes to allow healing to occur.

The risk of muscle atrophy while recovering from surgery or other serious injury (caused by not using your muscles for extended periods) can also be greatly reduced using the EMS strength and conditioning feature of iReliev®.

Recovery Lifestyle
Recovery Lifestyle

How EMS can help with recovery.

The technology in every iReliev TENS + EMS unit combines frequency treatment with a range of advanced Electrical Muscle Stimulation waveforms that are transmitted through the skin.

Gentle impulses pass through the body’s tissues and muscle groups, stimulating blood flow and improving circulation, which speeds up the body’s natural healing or muscle conditioning process.

The unique output of these electrical impulses mimics the body’s natural contractions, allowing signals to go deeper into the muscle fibers without fatiguing or stressing the muscle, helping the body to deliver more nutrients, removing excess waste and toxins from the targeted area, and maintaining vital body functions for recovery post-activity or injury.

The importance of recovery.

As you engage in physical activity, training, or working out, your muscles become strained and/or broken down becoming gradually weaker. It’s during the post-exercise recovery period when the body heals itself. Strength and conditioning gains are made during this critical time.

If you don’t completely recover before your next training session or competition, you won’t gain the full benefits of your last workout. Additionally, your muscles will not be ready to perform at the expected level to get maximum results.

Recovery Lifestyle