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Safe innovative relief

Safe and innovative relief

Safe innovative reliefPlay image

Safe, innovative relief

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Convenient relief

Enjoy the hassle-free therapy you deserve from the comforts of your home, office, or gym – any time you need it. Gentle air pressure hugs your calves and feet to provide safe, therapeutic relief.

Convenient Relief
Enhanced Features
Enhanced Features

Enhanced features that set our Compression
System apart from the rest

Easy to use

Follow these simple instructions to get your relief started

Easy To Use

Put on your compression boots

Plug Cord

Plug cord into your remote

Choose Your Setting

Choose your setting and enjoy

Graduated Compression

Product Description

Graduated compression (20-30 mmHg)

These knee-high socks feel like a gentle hug for your legs. Our medical-grade graduated compression socks help boost your circulation to reduce blood pooling, swelling, pain, and fatigue. No medical prescription is required.

Product Description

Silky softness

Pamper your legs with the luxurious feel of bamboo fabric that gets softer with every wash. (Fabric contents: 55% bamboo, 25% polyester, 15% spandex, 5% nylon)

Silky Softness
Silky Softness

Product Description

Silky softness

Pamper your legs with the luxurious feel of bamboo fabric that gets softer with every wash. (Fabric contents: 55% bamboo, 25% polyester, 15% spandex, 5% nylon)

Seamless Toe and Heel

Seamless toe and heel

Comfort is one of the most important features of a great pair of socks. That’s we designed these socks with a seamless toe and heel. But we didn’t stop there. We added extra cushioning at the toe and heel to reduce the friction that causes blistering.

All-day Comfort

Product Description

All-day comfort

Whether you stand for hours or sit all day, these socks provide the comfort you expect from iReliev­®. Our socks are ideal for daily wear, sleeping, exercising, or slipping into after a long day at work. We think they will quickly become your favorite go-to pair.

Stylish & Wearable


  • Medical-grade graduated compression level (20-30 mmHg ) supports oxygen-rich blood flow
  • Helps reduce blood pooling, swelling, pain, and fatigue
  • Seamless heel and toe with cushioning for extra comfort
  • Naturally soft fabric that gets softer with every wash
  • Moisture-wicking, antibacterial bamboo keeps feet cool, dry, and stink-free
  • Eco-friendly bamboo fabric you can feel good about
  • Medical-grade graduated compression level (20-30 mmHg ) supports oxygen-rich blood flow
  • Helps reduce blood pooling, swelling, pain, and fatigue
  • Seamless heel and toe with cushioning for extra comfort
  • Naturally soft fabric that gets softer with every wash
  • Moisture-wicking, antibacterial bamboo keeps feet cool, dry, and stink-free
  • Eco-friendly bamboo fabric you can feel good about
What’s included
What’s included

What’s included?


  • (2) Leg & Foot Wraps
  • Hand Controller
  • DC12V/3A Adapter


  • Black Socks, Pair
  • White Socks, Pair
  • Beige Socks, Pair

Customer reviews

Here what other’s have to say about their relief



Is it powerful enough to really break up muscles?

Yes! With our 10mm stroke length combined with percussive massage technology, the MVP is designed to penetrate your muscles in order to release the nutrients important for healing the body that are trapped deep within the muscles.

Is this product FSA/HSA eligible?

Massage Therapy is not eligible for reimbursement with a dependent care flexible spending account(DCFSA) or a limited care flexible spending account (LCFSA). Massage Therapy is eligible for reimbursement with a Letter of Medical Necessity(LMN) with flexible spending accounts(FSA), health savings accounts(HSA) and health reimbursement arrangements(HRA).

Where to buy another cord for it i lost that one

Reach out to us at or call us at 833-752-9625 and we can replace this for you.

Does iReliev Electrode Pads Made with Gel Contain Salicylate?

iReliev gel pads do not contain salicylate which is necessary for many people seeking to follow protocol consistent with Guaifenesin protocol.  Considered by many as an unapproved treatment for fibromyalgia suggested in the 1990s by R. Paul St. Amand. The protocol involves three parts: titrating the guaifenesin dosage, avoiding salicylates, and following a low-carbohydrate diet if the patient is hypoglycemic.

How often can I run reports?

Reports are available 24 hours a day by logging into Share A Sale.

How will you know that the orders came from me?

All links from your site to contain a unique identifier that tracks every time a user comes to us via your customized link, so that we know to credit you when a sale is made. If you attempt to alter the links that you pull from your Share A Sale account in any way, your tracking could be lost, resulting in lost commissions to you.

How often do I get paid?

You will receive a Commission for sending a Merchant authorized sales, leads, and/or clicks via Your Links. In order to place Links, You must first be approved by a Merchant to become an Affiliate of that Merchant’s program. You understand that the Payout amount may be changed at any time. This information is also available to You at the Member’s Area. You are responsible for determining if the Payout for a Link You have placed on Your site has changed or been discontinued. You receive the Commission from Payments are made automatically on the twentieth (20th) day of each month when Your account balance reaches $50 or more for the previous months’ transactions. Money credited to Your Account does not accrue interest. In the event of a VOID by a Merchant, may recover from You the corresponding Commission previously credited to Your Account. The VOID Commission will be immediately deducted from Your Account balance. In the event that Your Account balance is less than the VOID Commission, the VOID Commission will be deducted against Your future earnings. You will NEVER be asked to send money to

How do I track my earnings?

Through Share A Sale you can access reports, updated daily, that provide information on impressions, click-throughs and commissions earned.

What is cookie duration?

Cookie duration refers to a cookie that is placed on the end user browser. Our cookie duration is 45 days. If a customer has clicked on an link on your site and places an order within 45 days of the click, you will receive commission for that order.

How much will I earn?

iReliev offers a generous commission on products. Our current commission is 15% on products. The more you sell the more you earn.

What is a qualified sale?

A qualified sale is a sales transaction that is not cancelled, declined or returned.

Where can I find your policies for working with iReliev Affiliate Program?

The Terms and Conditions of the program will be displayed on the “Application Page” of the application process. You will also be given a complete list of all relevant program policies when you have been officially accepted into the affiliate program.

Will joining the program increase traffic to my site?

The purpose of iReliev Affiliate Program is to compensate you if refer a customer to and a sale is made. The program is not designed to help you increase traffic to your site. However, it does enhance your site with content which may result in the increase of your user return rate.

What if I am already a member of Share A Sale, can I join the iReliev Affiliate Program?

Yes, if you are already a member of Share A Sale, you will already have access to the iReliev program. Simply log into your Share A Sale account and apply to iReliev program.

How do I change my account information?

Once you have been accepted, you will be given access to ShareASale’s website. Log into your ShareASale Account and under the Account tab you will see a tab called Settings. You can update your account information here.

I don’t have a website. Can I still join the iReliev Affiliate Program?

Yes, by all means, you may leverage your social media platforms or blog to promote.

Is my website eligible for iReliev Affiliate Program? is open to many types of sites and anyone may submit an application, but we do reserve the right to refuse membership to a site or revoke a site’s membership at any time for any reason we may deem appropriate.

How do I join iReliev Affiliate Program?

Complete the easy and straight-forward application process which can be found by visiting our “Sign Up” section.

I operate more than one website. Can I still join the iReliev Affiliate Program?

Yes, you can have multiple sites as part of the program.

Can I join iReliev Affiliate Program if I am based out of Canada?

Yes, however, this affiliate program is only for shipments within the U.S.A.

Can a website outside of the United States join iReliev Affiliate Program?

Yes, however, only ships within the continental U.S., Alaska and Hawaii.

Does it cost me anything to join the iReliev Affiliate Program?

No, the affiliate program is free to join.

Who is Share A Sale?

Share A Sale is the industry leader in affiliate marketing that develops relationships between online merchants and website publishers. Share A Sale membership results in the distribution of your monthly commission checks and provides you with many other benefits, including third-party tracking, real-time reporting, performance updates, creative resources to help promote iReliev products on your site.

What marketing tools are provided by iReliev?

We provide a daily product data feed along with a wide variety of banner ads and text links. You will also have the support of our affiliate network (ShareASale), account managers and/or affiliate account managers.

Can i login using Facebook Login, if my account already exists on iReliev ?

Yes you can, please make sure the email used on iReliev is same as in your facebook account, and you can login and register with it either first time or after account registration.

i can’t find any reset password email in my inbox ?

Please make sure to check in your SPAM folder too, and make sure to mark it as “Not A Spam” for future prevention from spam folder, in case its not there in inbox too, please call us any time 855-723-2582.

What is the charging time to full charge?

Charging time for the remote is about 2 hours 20 minutes; Charging time for the receiver pods is about 1 hour 30 minutes.

Where is your hydrogel made for iReliev electrode pads?

The gel is made in the USA. This premium gel is intended for optimal electrotherapy dispersion and conducts TENS and EMS therapy very well. We do not use gel made from Japan or China.

How many electrode pads come with model ET-1313?

A quantity of 4, 2″ x 2″ electrode pads come with the system.

Is this unit Health Canada approved for the TENS and EMS? Or just the TENS?

Yes, all of our TENS + EMS devices are Health Canada approved.

Does this product help with swelling in the legs and feet?

One thing that EMS does is that it increases blood flow to the area.
Increased circulation is very beneficial when muscles or joints are still for long periods of time.

Why won’t the intensity increase?

Please make sure that the following steps are completed:

Step #1) Make sure lead(s) is fully inserted in respective CH1 or CH2 port on device.

Step #2) Make sure electrode pads are fully inserted into pin connectors on lead wire(s) .

Step #3) Make sure 2 or 4 electrodes ( 2 small or 1 XL pad per channel) are placed on the body. System can only function if conductive resistance is sensed by machine (all steps above) otherwise auto default to intensity level “0” is initiated. It’s a safety feature.

We would love to help. Or message back with specific problem and we will assist further. Also we have a great set up video. See top Video on page Click Link Here:

What to do if pads are too sticky?

If your pads are too sticky just leave them out of the zip bag to let them dry out for a while. That should solve the problem.

Where is the serial number?

The serial number is on the bottom of the unit.

Will sweat prevent electrode pads from adhering?

Sweat could cause the electrode pads to lose adhesion. However, many of our customers use kinesio-tape or sweat bands to prevent sweat from being saturated into the electrode pads.

Consider taping around the mini tens to prevent sweat from dripping into the electrode pad area of your body when applied.

Can unit be used without the timer?

No, the TENS unit only works with the timer. The minimum time is 5 minutes and the maximum time is 60 minutes. You will have to re-set every 60 minutes for continuous usage.

What is the largest waist for conductive back wrap?

46″ waist.

Does iReliev Conductive Back Wrap come with device?

No. Model ET-1515 is a wrap replacement for ET-9090 or can be purchased as an additional accessory to ET-1313 or ET-7070.

What to do if lead wires are faulty?

In this case I would believe that one of your lead wires may be bad. To test, take the lead wire that is working and flip it and use it on the other channel and test it.

If that doesn’t work, I would presume that you have a faulty lead wire. If so, please discard and let us know and we will send you another pack of lead wires.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship internationally.

Can I use iReliev if I have a pacemaker?

No. iReliev should not be used if you have a pacemaker, defibrillator, or any implanted electronic device. Also, iReliev should not be used if you have any implanted medical devices containing metal.

Can I adjust the intensity?

Yes, since pain is subjective, all iReliev devices provide adjustable intensity allowing you to customize your therapy as to whatever feels comfortable for you.

How many times can electrode pads be used?

The durability of iReliev electrodes depends entirely on the application, storage, humidity and care on the part of the person using. In the event that all conditions are perfect, we estimate 20-30 minute sessions per pad.

Application: Before each electrode application, skin must be cleaned with water and soap to remove any lotions, skin oils, make-up and dead skin. Any debris on the skin will be transferred to the gel of the electrode thereby compromising the integrity of the gel’s adhesiveness. Therefore, a clean surface is the most important factor in the number of applications for an electrode.

Storage: After every use, the electrode must be returned to the “ON” side of the Mylar liner, and placed in the original, resealable package to prevent loss of moisture. The electrodes should be stored at a temperature that would be comfortable for a human being, or somewhere between 41.0° and 80.6° F. with humidity at 35-50%.

DO NOT: Store in freezer/refrigerator, leave in extreme heat, submerge in water, or leave outside of the package.

Care: After usage, if the electrode picks up small amounts of debris you may use a drop of water on your finger to gently rub the debris off the electrode. Most important to the care of the electrode is applying it to a clean surface with each use.

DO NOT: Use soap, alcohol, submerge in water, or scrub with abrasive material.
The number of applications depends entirely on the proper application, storage and care by the user. The durability of the electrodes depends on the adhesiveness of the gel and its adhesiveness depends on keeping the gel clean, hydrated and free from foreign debris.

Are the electrode pads disposable?

Yes. When electrodes show wear and tear, no longer offer necessary tack or are no longer comfortable for the user, simply replace them with a new set.

Can electrode pads be used by more than one patient?

For necessary and proper hygiene, the FDA requires electrode pads to be labeled for single person use. Our electrodes are intended for single patient use only. All electrodes are disposable and should be discarded if compromised, and a fresh set used.

Is the gel hypoallergenic?

The definition of hypoallergenic is “less likely to cause an allergic reaction than other comparable goods.” There is no scientific formula to measure or test this since everybody is different; therefore our electrode pad and the gel used is not labeled as hypoallergenic.

Do iReliev electrode pads contain latex?

All of our products are free of natural latex. We do not use latex of any kind in the electrodes we manufacture.

How do I remove electrode pads from the skin?

Always lift electrodes from the edge, NOT the lead wire.

Can this model be used with iReliev’s conductive back wrap accessory?

Yes, it can.

will the machine run continuously?

It has a timer that can run for up to 60 minutes continuously. Then it shuts off. You are able to restart the unit right away.

What type of battery does the Mini TENS use?


How long do the wireless pads last?

Pads typically last 20-30, 20 min session assuming proper care is taken. DO NOT CHARGE wireless pods when attached to pads. Increased heat will reduce longevity of pads. 

What is the difference between Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) and Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS)?

TENS sends low voltage electrical impulses through the skin to block the body’s nerve pathways that indicate pain and stimulate endorphins (the “feel good” chemical in your brain).

Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS), also known as neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES), is the elicitation of muscle contraction using electrical impulses. EMS is receiving increased attention in the last few years because of its potential to serve as a strength training tool for healthy people and athletes, as rehabilitation modality and a post-exercise recovery tool for athletes.

Can I use iReliev in conjunction with topical pain rubs or gels?

Topical pain creams, rubs or gels can be used before or after the use of iReliev TENS and/or EMS. Please note, topical pain creams should not be applied to the site of pain immediately before applying the iReliev electrode pads. Applying topical pain rubs in combination with the iReliev electrode pads may damage the electrode pads and prevent you from experiencing optimal electrotherapy results. However, many of our customers use gel for optimal electrical dispersion. It can increase conductivity, creating a more comfortable experience while hydrating the moisture of the gel on the original pads.

How does iReliev TENS help reduce pain?

iReliev works by producing electrical pulses that block the body’s pain signal to your brain, thus the pain symptoms you feel. TENS has also been shown in clinical studies to encourage the body to release its own natural pain relieving endorphins, sometimes referred to as the body’s “feel good chemical.”

Can I use iReliev while pregnant?

Do not use during pregnancy or if you think you might be pregnant.

Do iReliev products require a Doctor’s prescription (RX)?

Nope. All iReliev devices are FDA cleared over-the-counter (OTC) devices. This includes our latest PlayMakar ET-5050 system, a high output, wireless system.

What is the best mode for arthritis?

Our TENS P8 is the best mode for arthritis.

How long can iReliev TENS and/or EMS be used in a day?

Therapy sessions can last 60 minutes or less. You can use iReliev for consecutive 60-minute sessions according to your pain relief needs when used in accordance with the user manual.

Can I use hot or cold packs?

Use of hot or cold packs for long periods of time can cause adhesive separation.

Is this unit Health Canada approved for the TENS and EMS? Or just the TENS?

Yes, all of our TENS + EMS devices are Health Canada approved.

Many of our customers ask…can I use rechargeable batteries with ET-1313 or ET-7070 Dual Channel TENS or TENS + EMS Units?

Standard AAA batteries can provide over 30 hours of TENS or EMS treatment. However, if you would like to use rechargeable batteries you may do so but we don’t recommend as they can vary in many different technical outputs that could affect the device itself. We do have customers however, who say that they use rechargeable batteries with no problems.

why i should use this device?

It’s mini size portability and 60mA power for its size makes it unique and beneficial for anyone seeking pain relief.

How do I lock and unlock the unit so that I can carry it in my pocket without changing the settings inadvertently?

To lock: Press ON/+ and OFF/- at the same time. To release, do the same thing.

What is the power output of this product?

80mA output or 25 levels of intensity. 80mA is equivalent to many portable prescription models. It is very strong I assure you.

What TENS Unit does this fit?

The Snap style pads fit iReliev model #ET-0303

what does the EMS mode do? Is it a massage function?

It is not a massage. EMS will contract your muscles. Depending on the parameters, these currents are used to train, recover or heal the muscles.

does anyone know the difference between the 1313 model and the 7070 model?

Yes, the 1313 is just a tens unit for pain. The 7070 is a tens unit for pain and also ems for muscle strength and rejuvenation.

Is it necessary to use electrode gel with this device?

No, it is not required as the electrodes are pre-gelled.

Is this for 110 volts and 220 volts?

It’s a battery operated unit which uses 3×1.5V batteries – 4.5V total

The user manual says to make all connections before applying the pads. Can the pads be applied, make the connections and then turn on the unit?

Yes, that works.

Is the control unit and keypad backlit for use in dim situations or at night?


Can the intensity selections be manually adjusted during the sessions, or do you have to reset it to get it just right?

Yes, you can change it during a session. Best way to adjust to a comfort level actually.

Does EMS help burn abdominal fat?

Not exactly. EMS can help contract the muscles to build muscle strength through electronic muscle contraction and relaxation. As you may know increased muscle density has been known to help burn fat. EMS has been shown effective when use of the modality is used in combination with resistance training. But no, we do not promote that one can sit on the couch without resistance training and “get rock hard abs”. It requires a low fat diet, exercise and adequate resistance training. iReliev TENS + EMS can help in the overall process.

What kind of batteries does it use?

3 AAA batteries

Does it come with a belt clip?

Yes, it comes with a belt clip that the unit can sit in.

What size are the electrodes that fit in the machines?

The unit comes with 2 types – 2″x2″ and 3.5″x 2″ electrodes. if you need different sizes you will need to purchase them separately. All wired electrodes have a universal connector regardless of the type of machine you have.

I have an issue adjusting the intensity past 1 or getting the unit to start once everything else is set up.

First, ensure your batteries are good. Then, Please ensure you have lead(s) fully seated into the device. Please ensure you have both lead wire pins fully inserted into 1 large or 2 small electrode pads. Please ensure pads are fully adhering to your body. You may call us for support. We will always respond.

I need this for plantar faschiitis of foot – are the pads small enough for the bottom of the foot arch?

Yes, iReliev’s 2″ x 2″ pads are small enough for the arch of the foot.

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