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PlayMakar EMS is being used by competitive athletes, weightlifters and bodybuilders all over the world to improve muscle development, endurance, recovery and performance.When used at the proper setting, EMS fires all of the motor neurons in the treated muscle simultaneously – causing a full muscle contraction that’s primarily isometric.

While voluntary muscular contractions roll through the muscle in a wave, EMS can provide maximal contraction that is up to 30% higher and more effective than normal resistance training.

Not only that, EMS can provide direct stimulation to fast twitch muscle fibers and improve both the contraction and load tolerance of your major muscle groups.

“PlayMakar® helped me overcome my strength plateaus and enhance my recovery.”
Jahmaal Onoh

Competitive Body Builder


Improve performance with Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS)

  • Get the Most Out of Your Workout – Maximize each and every rep during resistance training by recruiting more muscle fibers while generating more torque, creating deeper muscle contractions than normal resistance training.
  • Reduce or Eliminate Muscle Soreness and Stiffness – Enables you to keep perfect form and technique, reducing probability of injury.
  • Recover Faster – Optimize your efficiency between reps, drill or exercises. Increase blood flow and reduce lactic acid build up.
  • Get a Complete Muscle Contraction – Muscle contraction can be up to 30% stronger than voluntary contractions in regular resistance training.

EMS helps accelerate muscle growth and improves performance by sending small electrical impulses directly into your muscles. Various output cycles create muscle stimulation, contraction and relaxation. Our pre-set programs have been developed based on the best standard practices to promote muscle growth, reduce inflammation, and speed up recovery from exercise, injury and surgery.

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Pain Relief

Muscle endurance.

Initiate slow twitch for developing blood supply.

Muscle endurance is a huge necessity in just about any sport. Stamina is one’s ability to create maximum force for an extended amount of time and is necessary in football, basketball, boxing, bodybuilding, weightlifting, CrossFit, baseball, soccer etc.                                                              

The Playmakar P5 program uses a low frequency pulse to initiate slow twitch fiber for developing aerobic capacity and capillary supply. It also helps improve fatigue resistance .                                                                                                                                                                             

What are you waiting for?

If you want to perform at your very best with strong, conditioned and pain-free results, there are only two choices. Do you want wireless or a wired device? iReliev® Strength and Recovery or iReliev PlayMakar® are the devices that combine TENS for pain relief and EMS for muscle strength and conditioning.

Build strength & target fast twitch.

Combine PlayMakar® EMS with a conventional training program for best results.

PlayMakar® EMS is helping athletes get cleaner and more complete muscle contraction in conjunction with resistance training. This is particularly important when targeting fast twitch muscle fibers.

While EMS will give athletes a more effective muscle contraction than conventional training, it shouldn’t be the exclusive means of strength training, unless you’re rehabilitating an injury. Your best results are achieved when EMS is used in conjunction with resistance training.

The PlayMakar® P6 program uses a low frequency pulse to initiate fast twitch fiber for developing capacity and capillary supply and developing muscle strength.

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“The wireless feature of this device makes it so convenient, you can wear it anywhere. Definitely well worth the purchase.”

Steve A.

Amazon Customer

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