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Mini Wireless TENS Unit

Pain Relief

SKU: #ET-0303


A simple to use mini wireless TENS unit that is designed to block

the pain signal. Highly portable, yet powerful, this mini TENS

delivers massage-like pulses to target your pain and take it away, fast.

Product Description

Your mini TENS unit companion.

  • Surprisingly Effective Mini Wireless TENS Unit
  • Easily Conceal Under Clothes for Use on the Go
  • Simple to Use: Power Up. Increase. Decrease. Intensity.
  • FDA-Cleared, No Prescription Required
  • Comes with 2 Electrode Pads that Snap to the TENS Unit
ET-0303 Mini Wireless TENS Unit Infographic

Convenient pain relief never felt so good.

Don’t let pain stop you from doing what you love every day. iReliev’s Mini Wireless TENS Unit will help you ease the pain without having to get into your medicine cabinet. Now you can get the same therapy recommended by Doctors and used by Physical Therapists without a prescription.

TENS technology is intended to block the pain signal that you feel and increase endorphins to help give you lasting relief. This drug-free alternative allows you quick and easy therapy at home, at work or on the go. The iReliev Mini Wireless TENS Unit can be used virtually anywhere at any time. Simply turn on, adjust comfort level and let the pain melt away.

Super portable and great for small or large body parts, and you can even use more than one. You will be simply amazed at how powerful, portable and effective the iReliev Mini Wireless TENS Unit can be.

Get yours and never have to give up your day because of pain. Who says intelligent, all natural pain relief needs to be expensive? What’s in your medicine cabinet?

This little TENS unit really packs a punch.

The freedom that this little device offers is unparalleled. No wires, it’s easy to use and conceals well under your clothes. The control unit is micro-sized, 2.3″ x 1″, and only half an inch thick.

It weighs less than one ounce. There is no remote for this system, which provides an added benefit and convenience.

Mini Wireless TENS Unit Dimensions

Wire-free, drug-free.

This drug-free alternative allows you customize your therapy with 8 intensity settings. At home, work or on the go, the iReliev® Mini Wireless TENS Unit can be used virtually anywhere, anytime. You will be surprised at how much power comes out of our mini wireless TENS Unit. Isn’t it time you become pain-free?


iReliev (Model # ET-0303) is powered by 1 lithium coin cell battery (CR2032 replacement).

Mini Wireless TENS Unit Battery

Intensity Levels

With 8 intensity levels, you have enough variation from level to level to pinpoint just the right intensity for both acute and chronic pain symptoms. The power of a TENS unit machine is determined by output intensity, which the Mini Wireless TENS Unit provides by offering adjustable intensity of 60mA output power.

Mini Wireless TENS Unit Intensity Levels


We made this device simple. With one electrode pad, you have everything you need to find the relief you deserve.

Mini Wireless TENS Unit Electrode Pad

Pre-set TENS Modes

With only one program, quickly target your pain with our on-the-go-therapy.

Mini Wireless TENS Unit One TENS Program

What’s included.

  • Mini Wireless TENS Unit
  • (2) Reusable Electrode Pads
  • (1) CR2032 Battery
  • Operating & Safety Instructions
Mini Wireless TENS Unit What's Included

Additional Information

Weight0.125884 lbs
Dimensions1.41732 x 3.26772 x 6.22047 in

Acute Pain, Chronic Pain, Pain Relief, Sprain, Strain


Ankle, Arm, Elbow, Foot, Hand, Hip, Knee, Leg, Shoulder, Wrist







Will sweat prevent electrode pads from adhering?

Sweat could cause the electrode pads to lose adhesion. However, many of our customers use kinesio-tape or sweat bands to prevent sweat from being saturated into the electrode pads.

Consider taping around the mini tens to prevent sweat from dripping into the electrode pad area of your body when applied.

Can you ship to South Africa?

Yes, we can ship to South Africa.

What type of battery does it use?


Can I use iReliev in conjunction with topical pain rubs or gels?

Topical pain creams, rubs or gels can be used before or after the use of iReliev TENS and/or EMS. Please note, topical pain creams should not be applied to the site of pain immediately before applying the iReliev electrode pad and TENS or EMS therapy. Applying topical pain rubs in combination with the iReliev electrode pads may damage the electrode pad and prevent you from experiencing optimal electrotherapy results. However, many of our customers use gel for optimal electrical dispersion. It can increase conductivity, creating a more comfortable experience while hydrating the moisture of the gel on the original pads.

How does iReliev TENS help reduce pain?

iReliev works by producing electrical pulses that block the body’s pain signal to your brain, thus the pain symptoms you feel. TENS has also been shown in clinical studies to encourage the body to release its own natural pain relieving endorphins sometime referred to as the bodies “feel good chemical.”

Can I use iReliev while pregnant?

Do not use during pregnancy or if you think you might be pregnant.

Can I use iReliev if I have a pacemaker?

No. iReliev should not to be used if you have a pacemaker, defibrillator, or any implanted electronic device. Also should not be used if you have any implanted medical devices containing metal.

Do iReliev Products require a Doctor’s prescription (RX)?

Nope. All iReliev devices are FDA cleared Over the Counter (OTC) devices. This includes our latest PlayMakar ET-5050 system, a high output, wireless system.

Can I adjust the intensity?

Yes, since pain is subjective, all iReliev devices provide adjustable intensity allowing you to customize your therapy as to whatever feels comfortable for you.

How long can iReliev TENS and/or be used in a day?

Therapy Sessions can last 60 minutes or less. You can use iReliev for consecutive 60-minute sessions according to your pain relief needs when used in accordance with User Manual.

why i should use this device?

It’s mini size portability and 60mA power for its size makes it unique and beneficial for anyone seeking pain relief.

It is necessary use an Electrode Gel with this device?

No, it is not required as the electrodes are pre-gelled

Can the intensity selections be manually adjusted during the sessions, or do you have to reset it to get it just right?

Yes, you can change it during a session. Best way to adjust to a comfort level actually.

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