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Increasing Your Flexibility with a Percussion Massage Gun

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Staying flexible is key to maintaining an active lifestyle as we age. If you spend a lot of time commuting, sitting at a desk, or binge-watching TV shows on the couch, you’ve probably experienced stiffness in your back and hips.

Percussion massage is an effective therapy for combatting the stiffness that occurs with age or inactivity. Other factors that can affect your ability to move easily include genetics, body composition, and activity level.

And while some people are more flexible by nature, you can increase your flexibility level by regularly using a percussion massage gun.

Here are some additional benefits you may experience:

  • Promotes better blood flow
  • Improves range of motion and mobility
  • Better sleep
  • Reduces pain
  • Reduces risk of injury

How to use a massage gun like a pro

Follow these simple steps to start improving your flexibility today.

  1. Power on your massage gun.
  2. Starting with the lowest intensity level, place the massager on the muscle group you want to treat. Your quads or calves are a great place to start.
  3. Slowly move the massage gun up and down the targeted muscle group. You can pause over areas with extra tightness, but don’t press down on the massage gun. Instead, let the device do the work.
  4. Breathe! Inhale deeply and slowly release your breath as you massage your muscles. It helps increase oxygen-rich blood flow to the area.
  5. Aim for up to 2 minutes of therapy on each muscle group treated.

Use your massager several times a week on your quads, calves, shoulders, arms, and any other tight muscle group that needs treatment.

Safety tips

Percussion massage guns are generally safe for most. However, we suggest you follow these safety guidelines to avoid injury.

  • Do not use a massage gun on bruises, sprains, open wounds, or injured areas.
  • Avoid using on bony areas such as your spine, knees, elbows, ankles, or head.
  • Be sure to talk to your doctor before using a massage gun if you have osteoporosis, arthritis, or a blood-clotting disorder.
  • If it hurts, stop using the device and consult your doctor.

Final word

Percussion massage therapy is a great way to improve flexibility and mobility for years to come. Massage guns are convenient, portable, and effective. Soon, you’ll be using your massage gun like a pro.

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