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Post-Podiatric Surgery Involving Lateral Toes Electrode Pad Placement

Follow the pictographic for post podiatric surgery involving lateral toes electrode pad placement. For best results, keep to the size of electrode pads shown in the pictographic.  Unless you have other specific medical instruction, follow the placement directions in the photos. ExcelHealth, Inc. assumes no responsibility for electrode pad positioning in any other manner.

Post-Podiatric Surgery Involving Lateral Toes Electrode Pad Placement

Place two or four electrode pads along the side of the ankle. You may stack two electrode pads vertically, one at the side of the foot just above the heel and one just above the ankle joint.

You may stack two more electrode pads vertically and staggered to the first two, so that the pads are arranged in a zigzag pattern along the side of the foot and ankle.

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