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Flexor of Finger / Wrist Electrode Pad Placement

Follow the pictographic for proper flexor of finger/wrist electrode pad placement. For best results, keep to the size of electrode pads shown in the pictographic. Unless you have other specific medical instruction, follow the placement directions in the photos. ExcelHealth, Inc. assumes no responsibility for electrode pad positioning in any other manner.

Flexor of Finger/Wrist Electrode Pad Placement

There are multiple placement options that may be effective for you if you’re suffering from soreness or injury in the flexor of finger/wrist area. You may try attaching one electrode pad between the thumb and the forefinger and one on the forearm slightly below the wrist.

Flexor of Finger/Wrist Electrode Pad Placement

Or, stagger two pads along the forearm so that one is at the front or the back of the wrist and another is near the elbow joint.

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