Dr. Body Gadget Names iReliev The Best TENS Units on the Market

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#1 Ranked on Dr. Body Gadget

We are always honored any time we make it into the online conversation about all-natural pain relief, so we were proud to find that the iReliev TENS + EMS unit was named the #1 Tens Unit on the market by Dr. Body Gadget. It’s one of many sites dedicated to assisting readers with heal and physical well-being. With the iReliev unit listed as their favorite device for TENS therapy, we think they’re pointing their readers in the right direction.

About Dr. Body Gadget

Anyone who has had to live with chronic or acute pain knows just how traumatic it can be, and so the community for support is often strong. Dr. Body Gadget was founded by an individual who, like many, found themselves feeling soreness and pain after spending hours at a computer for their job.

As they began to take steps towards healing and improving their lifestyle, they felt inspired to share advice. The website crafts its reviews, blogs, and information with supreme pride and care for the readers and their well-being. Their content focuses on providing reviews, resources, and advice to help readers manage pain, improve posture, and increase their mobility.

A quick visit to their site leads web browsers to pages of reviews on everything from electric eye massagers to weighted blankets to air purifiers to treadmills. There’s also an entire section that reviews tools for pain relief, and TENS units specifically. We’re proud to say that iReliev was ranked #1 on their list of TENS units, out of all the many competitors.


What Dr. Body Gadget Says About iReliev TENS + EMS Combination Unit Muscle Stimulator

 The Dr. Body Gadget TENS review starts by acknowledging the idiosyncrasies of pain. Everyone experiences it differently. There are different levels of intensities, different types, and so many different causes. And pain is not limited in range—it can occur anywhere in the body.

Because of this, the best treatments for pain are those that can adapt to that versatility. A good TENS unit has what it takes to provide location-specific relief, and to adjust treatment levels to the user’s preference and needs. TENS therapy is praised for bringing relief to all types of pains, like post-operative pain, neck, back, and shoulder pain, headaches, and pain from chronic illnesses like arthritis and multiple sclerosis.

The iReliev TENS + EMS unit has two types of electrotherapy in one unit, which allows it to offer a wide range of treatment versatility. Dr. Body Gadget is quick to point out the 14 different presets that make it simple for users to quickly find a therapy mode that works for them. Modes include seven TENS pain relief settings, six EMS muscle strength and recovery settings, and a TENS arthritis mode.

The review also praises the iReliev unit for having 25 different levels of intensity, which can be set individually for each of the two channels. This gives users more customization options.

Another big plus in the eyes of the Dr. Body Gadget review is that the iReliev unit is endorsed by professional physical therapists. One such therapist, Joe Noel, even uses this very device on patients in his office.

We’re not the only ones who believe in the effectiveness of our TENS and EMS treatment. Professionals, bloggers, and users everywhere are enjoying the benefits of electrotherapy from iReliev. We’re proud to be recognized for providing a user-friendly, powerful tool for pain-relief and recovery.

Interested in learning how TENS & EMS Therapy can help you? Here are a few things you need to know before you decide to purchase a device.


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